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Welcome to Autism World Magazine

If you’re looking for autism help online, you’ve come to the right place.

Autism World Magazine is a monthly digital magazine supporting all those in the Autism and Asperger’s Community.  Whether you’ve just begun your journey or further along the path, we will inspire, entertain and support you and your family.

Each month you’ll receive:

- The latest news and views from across our community      

  with developments in treatment and care.

- Essential articles from scientists, therapists, adults on the

  spectrum and parents with expert autism advice, gained

  from in-depth research as well as personal experience.

- Well-written stories that’ll make you laugh, think, or feel

  inspired about real people like you.

- We have great sections that will take you through the

  entire spectrum. Tried and Tested therapy for youngsters,

  Puberty Blues for those difficult teenage years, 18+

  looking towards adult life, the very best in Nutrition,

  Caring for the Carers, Education, Play and so much more.

- Interactive videos with stories from people and families

  living with autism.  

Using the power and interactivity of the internet our magazine really comes alive to its readers and offers online autism support services. With this technology, our magazine is a totally interactive experience – much like an autism support network or group – as you explore fellow readers’ journeys through media like videos, letters, stories and photographs. We believe that through sharing our experiences, we can help others travelling on a similar paths.

It’s easy to keep up to date with our iMagazine. On your iPad or iPhone you can subscribe through our FREE APP and access your issues through the Apple Newsstand whenever you like on your mobile device.We also now offer a Digital Download direct from our website! We have monthly and yearly subscriptions, which offer great savings – make sure you never miss an issue by subscribing now!

The magazine is produced in Australia with the best contributing experts from across the globe.

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